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I don't know how I started receiving email from you, but I thank God for them and for what Christ does through you and for me through them. They always seem to come to me when I need them the most or to affirm something I am thinking about in Christ. Thank you. Stay bold in Jesus Christ. Keep fighting the good fight of faith as I also will.

Love you your brother in Christ.

Just wanted to thank you for attending the Grove on the 17th. That was the first time I had been. It turned out to be one of the best birthdays I have ever had. I was 48 on the 17th. I always enjoy hearing you speak. Makes me feel good and sets a great example for my daughter Stephanie.

I saw a video of you preaching at Mr. Tripes race and I was impressed, you truely are not ashamed of the Gospel, how else will MX’ers hear the Gospel but by you, excellent job and glory to God!
I am so happy to see that God is such a big part of your life!! You have always been one of my favorite racers of all time. And you still are! This is just awesome! Thank you Steve.

When I say God Bless you, I mean it!

Your message was so uplifting. It really blessed my heart!
Thank you for preching the word of the lord and being a Soldier in the lords army!

Your word and presence at the races show a true appreciation you have for God and those who praise Him at the track. I truly appreciate the friendship you and I have and I am thankful for the brotherhood you and I have built through Jesus. I look forward to seeing you sooner than later.... Jefferson is just around the corner and we can sing praise there on and off the bikes. I love you like a brother and pray you have a blessed Thanksgiving! Peace!

It is a wonderful blessing to read these words. I am truly a fortunate man in the fact that someone such as you has taken the time to help open my eyes to the grace and mercy that the Lord bestows upon us each day.

As a young man I looked up to you as a hero, a champion among competitors, and today I still find you a hero and champion amongst men. Your kindness and thoughtfulness is guided by the Lord for sure!

I wish you and your Family the best Thanksgiving season and as always, look forward to your presence at our events!
—Robert Sabatini

I think you are the first to gain access to preach in front of motocrosser's at a race track, do you see this happening in the future? If so, you have quite a fantastic ministry. MX'ers race on Sunday and not go to church so they are unfortunate not to hear the Word of God. I was at the track every Sunday and didnt hear the Gospel until later in life when I moved to the Bible belt, when I heard it I got saved, there is power in the Word, It has the power to save. Well, keep up the good work and blessings blessings blessings.

I felt growing up that I had to chose between racing and my christian beliefs because the local races, and even the pro motocross races were held on Sundays. It is encouraging to see many of the pro riders giving thanks to the Lord these days, and I imagine at least some of that is due to the ministries like Steve's.

It is not only the pro riders who need to hear the gospel, and I hope and pray that the local riders needs are being taken care of.

I started out racing in the NESC, and back then it was steady races from about mid March to mid November. I imagine other racers are facing similar circumstances.

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