God’s Grace!

Throughout this year God has strengthened and stirred my spirit, which has encouraged confidence and boldness in my calling. He's also given me a good understanding of His heart toward this generation.

Much preaching today is focused on being happy and positive, which is a needed part of the gospel; but from my own life's experience and understanding of Scripture, things are not always going to be pleasant and easy. Sometimes circumstances get tough and we're persecuted for our faith in the Lord Jesus. Unfortunately, this seems more prevalent in our land these days.

The enemy will try using persecution to cause us to shrink away from our destiny in Christ, but what's ironic is that it often causes us to become stronger in our purpose and conviction. It's not on the "mountaintop" we become strong, it's in the "valley of decision" where our faith is tested that growth occurs.
timtebowknellingAt times it's our own foolish actions that cause mocking and persecution; but at other times it's just because people hate the light Jesus Christ brings into their dark world. As football season rolls around, it reminds me of the mocking and hate-filled words Tim Tebow endured last year because he bowed his knee, humbly honoring and acknowledging his Lord. Watching how Tebow handled the situation with kindness and forgiving all who spoke so vehemently against him was a real testimony to his character. We all would do well to follow the example of this fine young man.

Whatever your circumstances, keep looking to Jesus and let the negative feelings of doubt or past failure roll off you like water off a duck's back. Don't allow feelings to control you. When our faith grows, our words are purified and changed. When our words change, our actions change, and we become more confident and assured of who Jesus Christ is in us.

Change your words from "I can't," to "I can do all things through Christ." Be strong in the Lord and know if you're calling upon Him, He's with you.

I love how the prophet Micah boldly proclaimed:

Do not rejoice over me O my enemy; when I fall I will arise. Though I sit in darkness, (not clearly understanding everything) the LORD will be my light. — Micah 7:8

When we do foolish things and make stupid mistakes, there will always be people who mock and rejoice at our failures. Satan will even try reminding us of how dumb we look. But when we arise and turn to the Lord, we will always be lifted up. His light will shine into the darkness we face.

Just like certain Bible characters we read about, we've all had times of questioning our circumstances and stumbling. But we must not be double-minded about our direction in life, or about honoring what Jesus Christ has done. If needed, repent (change your way of thinking), shake yourself, and boldly proclaim Micah 7:8 over our lives!

The prophet Isaiah proclaimed:

When the enemy shall come in (with his attacks of doubt and persecutions), like a flood the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him. — Is. 59:19

God is the One producing the "flood of blessing" when we look to Him as the Source of our life. You may be going through a time of testing or in a lonely place from a circumstance you brought on yourself or it may have nothing to do with anything you've done. Whatever the situation, deliverance and honor will come when you continue pursuing Him.

The scripture promises:

...But as people sinned more and more, God's wonderful grace became more and more abundant. —Rom. 5:20

When we fail at times with our words and actions in life, there is a flood of His Spirit, a promise from God for all who will believe and take hold of it. It's a flood of abundant grace, which leads to abundant peace, abundant joy, abundant favor, abundant honor and abundant blessing. Another translation of the previous scripture says:
The Grace of God super abounded.

Grace is the undeserved, unearned, unmerited forgiveness and favor of Almighty God through His Son Jesus Christ!

My friend, you're never to far away for the grace of God to reach you. I encourage you to get your spiritual house in order and believe this gospel of grace He so desires to give you. If you don't know the Lord, ask Jesus to come into your life today.

Pray for Him to lead you to a church that preaches the truth about the goodness of God, which will always direct your life into the proper way of thinking and grace (undeserved favor and blessing).
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Call upon Jesus Christ today my friend!

"We're only Champions because of Him."

Steve Wise

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