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The Blessings of Thanksgiving

Greetings to you during this most wonderful time of the year!

For some, like myself, 2012 has been a challenging year with obstacles to overcome, but it's all good my friend — it's all good.

Any hardship or trial we face is only temporary and is being used to work a far greater weight of glory for our lives. Though we have things that burden us from time to time, it's important not to focus our energy on them, but rather to find good in every situation.

If our mind is dwelling on negative things instead of trying to find the good in a situation, we will end up missing God's best purpose in our lives. I know this from experience, my friend, because being foolishly religious hindered my life far too long. I used to let the attitudes of others cloud my mind from seeing the best that Jesus had to offer.

When we are so easily aware of the actions and attitudes of others, it's impossible to have a thankful heart because our focus is on their failure to live up to our standard.

I'm so thankful God has burned that old contrary falsely religious attitude out of my life, and most of the time I can see the goodness of God in everything. I'm not totally perfected in it, but way past halfway. Glory to God!

We just had a major hurdle in our country a few weeks ago. It's important we stop wasting our time listening to the foolishness of the talking heads on TV and press on thinking about the goodness of God. We need to focus our time on building faith in God and finding something productive to do for the purpose of Christ's Kingdom, which will be good for our souls. Focusing on what can be positive in any situation will lift our spirits and we'll be an encourager to those around us.

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. – I Thess. 5:18

As the years roll by, life teaches us important lessons, and we learn that not all of our dreams come to pass as we had hoped, which is a good thing, as we thank God in all things. It's good to dream big dreams and to imagine all that we will do someday, but let us be thankful for today and know God is in control of our lives.

Let me encourage you in this: Catch someone doing something good, something right, something positive, something praiseworthy today and be Thankful.

While enjoying good food and family fellowship, I'm hoping to catch the Houston Texans and the Dallas Cowboys doing something good on the great day we celebrate.

I'm so thankful to those who support this ministry with your monthly donations. Your gifts are greatly appreciated.

Let the peace of God fill your heart with Thanksgiving in all things in this most beautiful time of the year.

Let us be Thankful for all that Jesus Christ has done for us.

Call upon Him today my friend!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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You’re a Champion because of Him!


Steve Wise

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