Welcome Back Trey Canard

TreyRacingAfter texting Trey to congratulate him on his incredible showing at A-1, he responded with, “Steve, I'm just grateful to be out there and in all this I hope that God is glorified.” What an incredible young man!

Anyone who follows Supercross racing knows the story of Trey Canard and what a story it is. In January 2012 he broke his back during the main event at the Los Angeles Dodger Stadium SX. It was a life threatening crash when another rider flying through the air landed on his back. Few if any believed he would return to racing again, but on January 5, 2013, he did return and boy what a return it was. Finishing a strong 2nd in the A-1 SX was something no one would have imagined, except Trey.


While talking by phone to his mother Kari just days after Trey's serious 2012 crash, she asked me a question: She said, "Steve, do you think it's God's will for Trey to quit racing?" I had been praying about that exact thing before she asked, so I sensed God's heart in the matter. I said, "No, through this suffering he will rise to prominence again and reflect the glory of God in this sport greatly." Later that day I posted on Facebook: "When all is said and done, Trey will affect our sport like Tebow did the NFL, and his influence will be great because of this suffering. Then I wrote, "Remember this post my friends, remember!"

Saturday evening these words came to pass and how thrilled I was for Trey and his mom. It's been a long hard road, but he's back and he's living with the grace and humility of a Champion who loves the Lord Jesus Christ!

God has been rearranging certain belief structures in life that start this New Year. With a confidence in what I'm hearing from Heaven along with Trey's incredible comeback I witnessed, I'm very encouraged to boldly speak what I know God is saying to this generation.

The Apostle Paul admonished us:

Awake to righteousness and sin not (1Cor.15:34).

This year is the time we need to awake—awake in a greater way to who we really are as Christians, and what it means to be Christ-like. A preacher crying repent, without presenting the beauty of righteousness that Jesus Christ freely gives, is wasting time. We must see ourselves as He sees us—forgiven, holy, sanctified and pure because of what He did. He was made sin so we could freely be made righteous before God. Righteousness means to be in absolute right standing with God. It's a free gift to us, paid for in Blood, His Blood!

We must awake to righteousness-thinking, allowing it to rearrange our character so we're more able to embrace Christ's character. True righteousness shuns sin and disobedience in which we've all lived in at times. When we're awake to righteousness the Spirit within us will not allow that lowly sinful way of thinking to occupy our minds. It's not even appealing. Many do not have this understanding because of the lack of knowledge, religious legalism or false repentance preaching that only focuses on failure, which causes a hopeless defeated life. No son of the King wants to act like a popper and go from the paved Highway of Holiness to the dirt road of sin.

For some, that means realizing you need to have more grace, more kindness, more gentleness in your words and actions. For others, it might mean to understand who you really are as a son of God and be bolder in your faith, standing gracefully in what you believe. We're not supposed to sit around and allow the devil to run over us with hopeless thoughts of failure, feeling sorry for ourself and wondering what we're going to do. No, when Jesus was tempted, He prayed, rebuked the devil and was confident that things would work out as they should. When someone understands they're righteous just as He is and with their faith can do the same things He did, it changes everything.

The Apostle Paul again admonished:

...being confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ (Phil. 1:6).

My friend, have you given your life to Christ? If so, this scripture is for you. Never give up, never give in, never back down. It doesn't matter what you're facing, whether it's a challenge because of your own failure or something you have no control over. Keep calling, keep seeking, and keep looking to the Father of lights who is the Giver of all good things. When anyone calls upon the Lord Jesus and desires to follow Him, there is a rest and assurance that they'll end up in the right place, doing the right thing. Going through trials might last for some time, but never, never, no never give up or give into satan's lies that God has left you on your own. He will complete what He began in your life. This confidence is secure my friend.

As we study lives in Scripture, and even others, we can see there is only one thing needed. Trey is a living example for us today. It is because he never lost his faith that God is righteous and gives us His righteousness to live by. He never lost his faith and confidence that God had first committed Himself to him and he committed himself to God. Trey continued to believe that what God promised, He is faithful to perform. While coming through this life-threatening challenge, one year later he conquered in life and left a lasting testimony to us all that God is Good!

God is committed to you my friend; are you committed to Him? I encourage you to ask the Lord Jesus to lead your life in His way, in His righteousness and in His character this New Year and for the rest of your life. He will never fail you!

We have only one thing — we must do — BELIEVE!

Watch Trey's “REvival 41” Movie here.

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