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Whether at Dallas Cowboy Stadium, a MX race track or a Church building of precious people, my goal is to present the Gracious Good News Gospel message of Christ Jesus to those who desire to hear.


A great foundation scripture of our lives is:

Jn 1:12— many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe on His name.

Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support of this outreach ministry.

Great Blessings to you,


Steve Wise

Immanuel—God With Us

Manger"The virgin shall be with child, and they shall call His name Immanuel," which is translated, "God with us."

Immanuel is one of the prophetic Messianic titles, which was to be given to the Savior. It's derived from Isaiah 7:14 and in chapter 9, Isaiah writes, For unto us a child is born, Unto us a Son is given; then he goes on to write many other titles for the coming Messiah, in which Jesus Christ fulfilled all during His life on the earth.

I've spent much time this December in quite contemplation and study. This especially; the Holy Spirit has been pinpointing to me, "God is with us."

It's sobering to read historical accounts of the Apostles and early Believers or even now the precious Christians in the Middle East, giving their lives, because of their Faith in Jesus!

We in America (for now anyway) have some, but few such challenges. It's not very popular to say, but it's coming to America fast and we must know that we know, "God is with us." My friend, whether we live or die, we're the Lords!

SteveWiseHelmetI walk around the house all the time saying, I thank You Lord; You've forgiven me, You're in me, You're with me, You're all around me and You love me!

Try it my friend: begin to say, The Lord has forgiven me, The Lord is in me, The Lord is with me, The Lord is all around me, and The Lord loves me!

As I do, you'll sense a big change, because His Spirit inhabits praise and honor to His Name, but just as important it strengthen us. When we begin talking about Jesus and all that He fulfilled, His presence fills the room and victorious Faith arises!

No matter how rough or smooth your road may be during this season, Believe; "He is there, with you at all times."

Jesus is Lord -- Merry Christmas!

Steve Wise

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Be A Champion!

victory lane

During certain times in life we’re all challenged with various trials or distresses, but it's only for our good and to direct our growth in true Faith. God surely has used certain hardships and disciplines in my life to help mold me more into His character over the years. It hasn't been easy, but it's been worth it. When we listen and follow the Spirits leading, what developes through these hard times is a growing confidence of our spiritual sonship and a knowing that we're a child of The Eternal King. The overall outcome is full of peace and great joy!

2015–A Year of Victory!


Here we are in the New Year and times keep rolling on. I meant to get this out much earlier, but I’ve been busy working on my new web site here, moving and ministry travel. Time just keeps rolling on!

Christmas Message


The scripture reads, "And she will bring forth a Son, and His name will be called Jesus, for He will save His people from their sins."

My friend, what refreshing, what freedom of soul it brings when one believes in calling upon that wonderful name. The promise it brings is great joy of soul in the earth and eternal life forever. Some might think that's to easy or that the Christmas story pasted down for generations is just a made up fable. I'm here to testify of the glorious truth of calling upon that powerful name.

Diamond Don’s Vintage National MX Race

What a time we had at the annual event, Diamond Don’s Vintage National MX race in the Historic town of Jefferson, Texas. Great fun, great food and great people!

Memories of the 1976 “125 Nationals”


Before we go directly into that incredible 1976 season it might be good for me to set the stage, so to speak and to point out that this article is from my perspective.

Easter Weekend at Swan MX Park, Tyler, TX

We had a great Easter morning service at Swan MX Park in Tyler, TX. I shared on the Power of the Resurrection and that same Spirit dwells in every believer in Jesus Christ.

More Archived Articles...

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Video Gallery

Life Vantage

SteveBeforeAfterBack in the day when I was racing against world class athletes like Bob Hannah, Marty Smith, Marty Tripes and many other great riders, I had to be in tip-top shape.

After retiring from the professional racing scene, my life really slowed down and I put on a lot of extra weight. Then coming into my 50's, I began experiencing some fairly serious health issues that I was having to deal with.

In the summer of 2013, when my son and I attended the MX Fox 1977 racing team re-union, I was out of shape, overweight, always tired and just fed up with how I looked and felt. Years ago, I tried to lose weight and get in shape, so I joined a gym, but just couldn't seem to find the strength to continue on with the program I started. After coming back from that re-union, I decided to try doing something about it again.

Coincidentally, around the same time I made this decision, a friend of mine, Eddie DelHomme was at my house. While we were talking, I told him, "I'm going to lose weight, get my body back into shape and regain my health." When I said that, it sparked something in him, and he began telling me about this new company he is involved with. He asked if I would be willing to watch a short video about Oxidative Stress, filmed by John Quinones of ABC TV "Investigative Report."

My first response was "No, I really don't want to watch that," but he kept persisting and finally talked me into it. I had never heard of Oxidative Stress before and thought, "Well, I'll just watch it and say, 'That's good,' then forget it and let him go his way."

Halfway through the 11 minute report, I stopped the video and said, "Eddie, get this product for my health right now." It was amazing to hear, that after taking this supplement created by Dr. Joe McCord, there is scientific and medical evidence that Oxidative Stress is lowered in such a way that medical tests couldn't differentiate between the blood of an 80 year old man and the blood of a 20 year old man.

The Product and the Business Opportunity.

Oxidative Stress — What is it & how to lower it by 40%.

I know something about the blood; I've researched the subject, and I've read many studies on the blood. The Scripture even reads, "The life of all flesh is in the Blood" — so it's obvious our blood needs to be pure for maximum health.

Just 6 months after the MX Fox re-union I can testify, that along with diet and exercise, taking the supplement Protandim, by LifeVantage, is the foundation that has given me tremendous results. I've lost over 30 pounds and my blood pressure has returned back to normal. I have much more energy and even love going to the gym. I look forward to a good hard workout and sometimes feel like I'm in my 30's again.

There have been many other studies done by medical universities, articles written by medical journals and other reports that prove the benefits of this supplement. I know Protandim has already helped me and continues to help me because it has scientifically and medically proven that my blood is now healthier than it has been in years. I feel great!

The decision I made months ago has changed my life forever. Being involved in ministry, I try to be careful with what I'm involved with or endorse. Having said that, I fully endorse Protandim and encourage you to find a quiet place, get comfortable and take the time to listen closely to these two short videos. You'll enjoy and learn much about your blood by watching.

After you watch the video, if you're interested in becoming a Preferred Customer in order to take the product, it only costs you $40.00 a month, plus shipping. But I invite you to join the LifeVantage Company and become a Distributor of Protandim, just as I have. The Business Opportunity video above will help you get started.

So far there are only 75,000 distributors worldwide, and the company is growing by leaps and bounds. It's still a very new company and the upside possibilities are limitless.

If you're willing to look into this business opportunity like I was, you'll be amazed at all the information the company provides, such as an amazing website packed with information, webinars, conference calls, emails, as well as fantastic preferred customer/distributor support. The people involved are incredible and helpful!

Whatever you desire to do, whether it's to become a Distributor like me or just a Preferred Customer, it's very easy to sign up. Click HERE to go to MyLifeVantage website and follow the instructions provided.

If you need more information, or want someone to walk you through joining LifeVantage please send me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 956-580-2000, leave your name and phone number and someone will get back with you soon.

The health benefits of Protandim and up side potential for this company are over the top. I hope you join with me and get your health back!






Steve Wise

Glen Helen Vintage Race — 2000

The 1982 Houston MXTT–The Rider Files

Steve Wise jumped at least 10 feet higher than the Grand National regulars on the Astrodome’s TT course. (Courtesy American Honda)

Old timers who’ve been around the AMA Grand National Championship for decades still talk about it. That night in the Houston Astrodome in 1982 when motocross racer Steve Wise entered the Houston TT National and rocked the house.

Wise didn’t make any friends with the establish Grand National riders, to be sure, but he left Houston that night a hero to 45,000 fans and forever changed the face of TT racing.

Wise was a leading Honda factory motocross and Supercross rider of the late 1970s, but the friendly Texan might have gone down in history as a memorable, but injury-prone motocross and Supercross racer had it not been for ABC’s Wide World of Sports Superbikers. The Superbikers was a nationally televised forerunner of modern day Supermoto racing. Wise exploded onto TV sets across the country in a big way, winning the 1980 and 1981 Superbikers against some of the most talented fields of riders ever assembled. He instantly became one of the best-known motorcycle racers in America.

So impressive was Wise on the pavement in the Superbikers that Honda asked him if he’d like to try roadracing. And, guess what? He excelled at that, as well. So it was only natural that someone at Honda thought why not go for the trifecta and enter Wise in the Houston TT, the opening weekend of the 1982 AMA Winston Pro Series. Wise said, “Why not?” Honda mounted some 19-inch wheels and dirt-track tires and slapped the regional number 8N on Wise’s Honda CR480R two-stroke motocross bike. Off to the Astrodome they went.

It was miserably cold in Houston on that early February night and the plan almost fell apart before it even started, Wise remembers. “I was sick as a dog and almost didn’t even show up to the Astrodome. I only got one lap of practice I was so sick. I qualified 34th and I think they only took 40 riders.”

Wise plying his day job with Honda (left image - Courtesy American Honda). Steve Wise proved to be one of the most versatile riders in AMA racing history (right image - Courtesy American Honda)

But as Wise started riding he warmed up, loosened up and felt better. He started from the last row of his Heat race and charged through the pack on the tight Houston TT course. The crowd, prompted by announcer Roxy Rockwood, took notice. Wise got up to Steve Eklund and the two diced before Eklund fell. Even though the two were close, they didn’t actually make contact. Yet Eklund’s fall gave the other riders the excuse they were looking for to call for Wise to be DQ’d.
“Those guys didn’t like this motocross racer coming in there and showing them up,” Wise quipped. “And I don’t blame them. Here I was a completely different animal, riding a motocross bike with motocross gear and taking Supercross lines. They were nervous to be around me.”
Wise was taking the TT jump much higher and faster than the flat-track regulars and Gary Scott complained that Wise was going to end up landing on somebody. “He’s out of control,” grumbled the highly respected national champ Mike Kidd. To his credit the AMA’s Competition Director Bill Boyce listened, but resisted the mob mentality and ultimately decided that everything Wise was doing, while certainly unconventional, was above board.
The Establishment thought that Wise would be eliminated in the Semi and that would be the last they’d have to deal with him. They were wrong. Wise was getting the hang of the track and won his Semi, meaning he had qualified for an AMA Grand National in his very first attempt.
You could almost see the steam coming out of the ears of the Grand National men. This motocross kid was going to find out what it was all about in the final.
“I really thought someone was going to intentionally try to take me out,” Wise said. “But coming from Supercross that was something I had to deal with every weekend, so I was ready.”
Wise actually rode more subdued in the main. It was a long race and Wise hooked up with TT specialist Mickey Fay and Kidd, both on more conventional Honda XR500-based machines, and the trio went to the front. The surprise was that Ricky Graham was way out front, on a Harley-Davidson XR750, no less! Kidd went down while trying to lap Terry Poovey. Graham, the Establishment’s pride, won. The battle for second between Fay and Wise came down to the flag. Wise was dealing with a malfunctioning rear brake and Fay just nudged ahead for the spot.
Even though he got nipped for second, Wise remembers the night ended on a high note. Note only had he scored a Grand National podium in his series debut, but during the post-race interviews Fay said on the mic that his Honda teammate was the best motorcycle racer he’d ever seen. The fans cheered their approval.
“I finally felt like they accepted me a little bit,” Wise said. “At the very least they respected me.”
— Larry Lawrence, The Rider Files

This is the first in a regular series of blogs from The Rider Files. Larry Lawrence is a veteran racing journalist, photographer and columnist who has covered nearly every form of motorcycle racing. He served as biographer for the Motorcycle Hall of Fame, worked as media manger for AMA Pro Racing and launched in June of 2009. When not behind the keyboard or camera, Larry can be found riding his motorcycle on the backroads of the Midwest.

Racer X — The List: Ten Best Texans


With Monster Energy AMA Supercross deep in the heart of Texas this weekend, we thought we would revisit the 10 Best Texans motocross has ever known. With the help of longtime Texas race-watcher Shand Garcia of Holeshot Magazine, here's what we came up with. To check out all of these guys’ career outdoor national results, check out Racer X Online’s Vault.

KentHowerton1.) Kent Howerton The “Rhinestone Cowboy” was a three-time AMA Motocross Champion, winning his first title in 1976 on a Husqvarna and the last two on Suzukis. Howerton was also a Trans-AMA Series Champion, as well as a member of some early versions of Team USA. He’s a Motorcycle Hall of Famer, as well as the rider credited with bringing the technique of slipping the clutch out of corners to motocross.

SteveWiseTexan2.) Steve Wise He was a privateer who beat both Bob Hannah and Marty Smith at a 125 National in 1976, then become a factory rider with Honda, then quit motocross at a relatively early age to go road racing, winning a Superbike race there as well! Many consider Wise to be one of the most versatile riders in all of motorcycling.

3.) Steve Stackable “Short Stack” won the 1975 AMA 500cc Supercross Championship, scoring four outdoor national wins while riding for an assortment of brands, including Maico, Suzuki, and Kawasaki. Stackable held top-ten national numbers for five straight years.

4.) Wyman Priddy The “Father of Texas Motocross,” reports Garcia. Priddy was the first Texan to become a factory rider, as well as the first Texan to win an outdoor national. The Fort Worth native scored his win at the Washington, Indiana, round of the 1972 AMA 500cc National Motocross Championship.

5.) Blake Wharton He’s a current rider for Rockstar Energy and the only rider in Lone Star State history to win a Supercross Lites main event—something he has now done twice, including the Indianapolis SX just a few weeks back. He's also the only rider on this list who will compete in tomorrow night's Houston SX.

6.) Kyle Cunningham Another incredibly fast young rider, Cunningham ended last summer as the fifth-ranked 250cc rider in the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship. While this season has been a mess so far—he has been the victim of too many bumps and bruises along the way to show his full potential—the Star Racing/VMS Yamaha rider has a lot of good races ahead of him and should be back up to speed for the outdoors.

7.) Danny Storbeck While some fans will remember the very fast Storbeck for the unfortunate collision with Ricky Johnson at the ’89 Gatorback National that ended RJ's reign as America's best rider, Danny actually finished the 250 National fifth that day. He's also the only person ever to win three classes at one Loretta Lynn's Amateur National, as the rules were changed the next year.

8.) Dennis Hawthorne He’s the OG King of Arenacross racing. Hawthorne was a very fast man back in the day, and he found a great niche for himself in Mike Kidd's fledgling National Arenacross Series, where he won multiple championships.

9.) Jeff Dement Another incredibly fast Texan, Dement rates as one of the all-time fastest minicycle racers. But his early career was fraught with injuries, and he ended up racing in Europe for much of his later years in pro motocross.

10.) Charley Bogard This kid was Ricky Carmichael's nemesis on 80s! Charley also rates high on the list of all-time fastest minicycle racers, but he couldn’t stay healthy when he turned pro, and his career results do not reflect his true potential.

racer x shieldAnd some honorable mentions: Jason Langford, Grayson Goodman, David McClain, Kirk Spencer, Jody Foust, Bobby Pickard, Dan Conway, Terry Tinney.... There are too many to list!
You may be thinking, what about Matt Lemoine? Just like Texas transplant Trampas Parker, he’s a Louisiana born rider so when we get to that list, you'll be sure to see his name.

Retro Motorcross Article


Saturday, April 28, 2012
Steve Wise Looks Dazed After a Moto
By Tom Mueller


Here’s another example of how MX factory stars were coddled in the pits. Steve Wise looks to be drinking some apple juice and jug water.... budgets were through the roof and each top rider got everything they wanted... ya right.

National motos were great and after the race, walking the pits was even better. It looked more like a war zone that race facility.  Riders dropped to the ground where ever there was a spot of open grass, hopefully with a spot of shade off the rental car.

No, the bling bling props weren't there, but the racing was excellent, thanks to great guys like Steve.  Wise went on to an amazing dirt track and Superbike career with Honda and I was able to do a series of interviews with him during that period. He was a class act then, he's a class act now.  Great effort without the fringe distractions made boys grow into men.

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Archived Articles

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25     You Are Loved By God!
26     Your Life Is Special!

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Vintage Race photos where Steve has raced in recent years.

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Hall of Fame
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I don't know how I started receiving email from you, but I thank God for them and for what Christ does through you and for me through them. They always seem to come to me when I need them the most or to affirm something I am thinking about in Christ. Thank you. Stay bold in Jesus Christ. Keep fighting the good fight of faith as I also will.

Love you your brother in Christ.

Just wanted to thank you for attending the Grove on the 17th. That was the first time I had been. It turned out to be one of the best birthdays I have ever had. I was 48 on the 17th. I always enjoy hearing you speak. Makes me feel good and sets a great example for my daughter Stephanie.

I saw a video of you preaching at Mr. Tripes race and I was impressed, you truely are not ashamed of the Gospel, how else will MX’ers hear the Gospel but by you, excellent job and glory to God!
I am so happy to see that God is such a big part of your life!! You have always been one of my favorite racers of all time. And you still are! This is just awesome! Thank you Steve.

When I say God Bless you, I mean it!

Your message was so uplifting. It really blessed my heart!
Thank you for preching the word of the lord and being a Soldier in the lords army!

Your word and presence at the races show a true appreciation you have for God and those who praise Him at the track. I truly appreciate the friendship you and I have and I am thankful for the brotherhood you and I have built through Jesus. I look forward to seeing you sooner than later.... Jefferson is just around the corner and we can sing praise there on and off the bikes. I love you like a brother and pray you have a blessed Thanksgiving! Peace!

It is a wonderful blessing to read these words. I am truly a fortunate man in the fact that someone such as you has taken the time to help open my eyes to the grace and mercy that the Lord bestows upon us each day.

As a young man I looked up to you as a hero, a champion among competitors, and today I still find you a hero and champion amongst men. Your kindness and thoughtfulness is guided by the Lord for sure!

I wish you and your Family the best Thanksgiving season and as always, look forward to your presence at our events!
—Robert Sabatini

I think you are the first to gain access to preach in front of motocrosser's at a race track, do you see this happening in the future? If so, you have quite a fantastic ministry. MX'ers race on Sunday and not go to church so they are unfortunate not to hear the Word of God. I was at the track every Sunday and didnt hear the Gospel until later in life when I moved to the Bible belt, when I heard it I got saved, there is power in the Word, It has the power to save. Well, keep up the good work and blessings blessings blessings.

I felt growing up that I had to chose between racing and my christian beliefs because the local races, and even the pro motocross races were held on Sundays. It is encouraging to see many of the pro riders giving thanks to the Lord these days, and I imagine at least some of that is due to the ministries like Steve's.

It is not only the pro riders who need to hear the gospel, and I hope and pray that the local riders needs are being taken care of.

I started out racing in the NESC, and back then it was steady races from about mid March to mid November. I imagine other racers are facing similar circumstances.

What Other Ministers Are Saying

“I have known Steve for over 15 years. He has a real passion to see people live in the freedom that only comes from being loved by Christ and knowing Him intimately. I'm honored to call Steve my friend.”
—S. J. Hill,
   Bible teacher and author of ENJOYING GOD and BURNING DESIRE

“Steve Wise has been a friend of mine for 20 years. His gift of evangelism and his passion for Christ makes him most effective as he travels and shares the good news of the gospel. He is flexible and able to speak at any function so that Christ is honored and everyone is encouraged.”
—Ron Corzine,
   Christian Fellowship International

“Steve Wise is a minister of the gospel, not so much because he has a degree to prove it, but because he lives a life that reveals it. It was my privilege to develop a close friendship with Steve over a period of seven years when I served as his pastor. Steve believes part of his calling is to encourage and bless pastors. The thing I love best about Steve is how courageous he is in what he says, and how passionate he is in his desire to see people live a life of victory in Christ. I highly recommend Steve and his ministry.”

—Gary Singleton Sr. Pastor,
   The Heights Baptist Church, Richardson, Texas
“Steve’s authentic and personal approach to people and ministry, combined with his passion both for Christ and the lost, make him a very effective minister. You will, without a doubt, be blessed by Steve Wise and his ministry.”

—Randy Ayres Lead Pastor,
   Cross Mountain Church
“Knowing Steve for more than 25 years I can say he is a man of passion for Jesus Christ. He has unashamedly lived and proclaimed the gospel of Christ and has encouraged my faith and walk with the Lord many times. I appreciate the gift he is to the Body of Christ and know that Steve will challenge, bless and encourage your life as well.
—Pastor Kelly,
   Rumfield Northway Bible Church

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Steve Wise Looked Dazed After a Moto — By Tom Mueller
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The List: Top Ten Texans
By Davey Coombs
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Third Quarter, 2008
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The 1982 Houston MXTT—The Rider files
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Steve’s Profile


Steve Wise had a racing career unlike any other racer in the history of the American Motorcycle Association. The last few years of his racing career are what set him apart from every other rider who has ever raced an AMA professional sanctioned event. Steve is the only rider in history to stand in victory circle in 6 major forms of AMA (American Motorcycle Association) professional racing.

There were one or more times in each of the racing events listed below where Steve stood in victory circle.

AMA Motocross–Tex Am 250cc Series Champion AMA Motocross–125cc National Championship
AMA Motocross250cc National Championship
AMA MotocrossTrans Am Race
AMA SupercrossSupercross
AMAFIM Motocross250cc World Championship Grand Prix
AMA Winston Cup Grand National ChampionshipTT
AMA Superbike Road Race
AMA Grand National ChampionshipFormula One Road Race
AMA Formula 1 Road Race Daytona 200
AMA1980 & 1981 ABC TV’s The Superbikers2-Time Champion
1982AMA Road Race Rookie of the Year
1982AMA Professional Athlete of the Year
1992Inducted into Motocross Action Hall of Fame
2001Inducted into AMA (American Motorcycle Association) Hall of Fame
2004Inducted into the RGV (Rio Grande Valley) Sports Hall of Fame

Steve is most proud of the Silver Cup awarded him by the AMA as Professional Athlete of the Year for his stellar year in 1982, when he accomplished what no AMA racer had done or has done even to this day.

In Steve’s eyes the most important accomplishment from his years of professional racing is ongoing. Twenty years ago Steve started the very popular, "AMA Ministry to the Pro's," but with the strenuous demands of travel, along with raising his children at the time, he desided to turn his ministry over to another organization. To this day the Motorcycle Ministry to the Pro's he pioneered is still active and growing, but only now with AMA Pastor Hudson. Steve is content to know that his accomplishments in professional racing are still speaking in the world today.

Steve now travels extensively across the country sharing his Faith in Christ at race tracks, motorcycle industry events, Churches and other venues. Most weekends he can be found sharing the Good News somewhere through out the Country.

If you would like to have him speak at your church or group, please refer to his contact page.

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