Marquise Brown Womens Jersey  Motocross des Nations and the Greatest Champion of All!


Motocross des Nations and the Greatest Champion of All!

TheChampandSteveI invite you to check out my newly revised web site where you’ll find new articles and Videos of yester year.

Check out the 1981 Unadilla 250 World Championship GP where Bob Hannah and myself had a knock down race in New York and don’t miss the New Orleans SX where the “Jammer” Jimmy Weinert and I went to battle in the Superdome.

There’s also the ABC TV “The Superbiker” race of 1980 & 81. This was the beginning of the new series across the world — Super Motard. The picture quality isn’t what it is today, but they’re classics, memories on film.

Above all, I want to encourage you to read the past articles posted where I share experiences of how the Lord Jesus Christ profoundly touched my life years ago.

Only a few people know that originally I was supposed to be on the 1981 Motocross des Nations American Team.  However, I was injured in a freak practice crash the week before the team was to leave for Europe.  You may be familiar with the rider who took my place on the team, Johnny “O Show” Mara.

That team went on to become the first ever — American team to win that special worldwide event.  What an incredible honor it was for them to accomplish what had never before been done by America.

I’m very happy for those men, but ironically, it turned out to be an even greater blessing for me.  On that Saturday evening when I should have been in Beilstein, West Germany, preparing for the race, through a series of circumstances, I came to a place in life where I knew I needed God.

However, I didn’t know or understand how to find what I needed until Sam, a friend of mine who rode with us, showed up at my house. He began telling me about The Greatest Champion Ever.  That Saturday evening, when I should have been in West Germany, I found myself on my knees in my living room floor.  With my head bowed I asked the Lord Jesus Christ to come into my heart and touch my life.

I’ve been in many races in my career, and I’ve been fortunate to win some major ones.  Yet, right now, we’re in the biggest, single most important race of our lives, and I plan for us to continue going on to the final victory lap and finish as winners.

I’ve crashed a few times, gotten muddied-up, scuffed-up, even discouraged and tired, but I know this race is the most important race in which we will ever compete and it’s imperative that we finish this race Victorious.

Many people don’t even know they’re in a race and this race is for their very life. I know God has called me to tell them about this race we’re all in and about the Champion of champions who was sent to see us through to victory.

My mission is to encourage people to turn their eyes on Him, the greatest Champion of All, the Lord Jesus Christ!

I hope your faith is encouraged as we work together spreading the Good News to the racing world and beyond!

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