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Pressing On!

N40ridersmeeting2011With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year celebrations just around the corner; and, with 2011 winding down, I hope you’re looking forward to this special time.

Since my last Email Blast I’ve traveled to St. Louis, San Diego, Dallas, and a few places locally, sharing the Gospel message.

Our Sunday morning service at the Vintage National in Houston, TX was very good. We had a nice crowd and the Lord gave me a good word for the precious people.

Looking back over the year we can remember the ups and downs of the road traveled.  But as we look back the most important view that matters is our “spiritual view.”  Can we see if we’ve gained or lost ground in this most important area?  Are we more aware, more passionate, and more determined in allowing Christ to work in and through our lives?  As we begin closing out this year I hope you can say you’re walking closer to the character God has destined for you.

I must confess that at certain times through this year my life felt like a muddy motocross race at Unadilla, NY with below zero temperatures in the sleeting rain. It has been a wild, rough ride (so to speak), but I’ve experienced some of the greatest spiritual growth ever in my many years as a Christian.  To feel and see how Christ has been working in me this year brings a joy to my heart.  We have so many promises throughout Scripture for those who continually seek after God’s purpose in their life.

As we travel through this life, we must always remember to keep pressing on into Christ.  For those who are born-again by giving their life to Jesus Christ, whatever setback you’re facing is only temporary.  Victory is on the horizon!

In Phil. 3:12, the Apostle Paul encourages us with his heart attitude,

.... I press on, that I may lay hold of that for which Christ Jesus has also laid hold of me.

Anyone who knows just a little about the Bible, has heard the stories how God brought victory out of the jaws of defeat for His own people.  Many of the men used to bring the message of faith and deliverance, failed greatly before they were used greatly.  

It doesn’t matter where we are in life; in Christ, we have the assurance of growth and light that will continually be given as we endeavor to stay on the right path.

In the Christian life there is only one difference in those who lose and those who win — giving up or not giving up, quitting or not quitting.  As long as a person keeps the mindset that says, “I’m going to lay hold of what God has for me, I’m going to keep calling upon the Name of my Lord,” there is nothing that will stop them.  There are many promises that comfort our hearts and suggest that everything is okay.

Proverbs 4:18 reads,

…the path of the righteous is like the shining sun, that shines ever brighter until that perfect day.

My friend, the path of those living in disobedience to God is gloomy, dark and dangerous; the path of the righteous is peace, confidence, hope and the tree of life.  There is the temptation for us to want everything to change over night, but the sunrises slowly each and everyday with a new promise of life and answered prayer.  Except for unusual circumstances these are also the ways of God.

Be steadfast, patient and endure. Keep looking to the Light of life for a greater understanding of the path you’re on.  Be confidant in that path and let Him light it.  No matter where it has taken you up until now, it will only get brighter and more clear day after day.

I quote this passage of scripture found in Psalm 37 everyday.   Join me is saying these verses over your life:

“I commit my way to the Lord, and I will trust in Him.  He shall bring forth my righteousness as the light, and my justice as the noonday Sun!”

Keep your eyes upon Jesus and close out the year strong!

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