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Seeing the Unseen

Time is flying by as we're already halfway through this year, and it's been a busy time for me traveling to share God's Word. I'm planning to be in Ohio and West Virginia in the next months speaking at the AHMRA Vintage MX events and possibly other services. I'm hoping to meet many new people.

SMX11There are many promises for the Christian pertaining to this life, which include the abundance of peace and joy of heart whether we find ourselves on life's mountaintop or in the valley. But, the ultimate reward for every believer in Jesus Christ is partaking of our heavenly Father's eternal glory when we finally cross over into that unseen realm.
...while we do not focus on what is seen, but what is unseen: for what we can see is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. -- II Cor. 4:18
The Apostle Paul was encouraging Christians to not lose heart for any reason, because whatever was hindering their lives is only temporary and will not last forever. That's why he stressed later in this chapter that they walk by faith and not by sight.
Living by faith focuses on the unseen realm that looks beyond any challenge, any circumstance, and any problem. Faith focuses on the unseen realm where the answer to our prayers reside. The person of faith who focuses on the unseen realm is learning to rest from his own efforts, giving up scheming and manipulating to get ahead. Our trust is rooted in God to bring a continual flow of abundant provision.
Whatever worldly goods or possessions you may have, or whatever challenging circumstances you may be facing, focus your faith on the unseen realm where answered prayer and eternal life dwell. And remember, one day you will go home to be with your Lord and enjoy Him forever!  
Call upon the Lord Jesus Christ, asking Him to give you the ability to see the unseen!

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