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Steve Looks Dazed After a Moto

stevewiseexhaustedWhen I first viewed this picture Tom Mueller posted on his web site (published articles), the thought that came to mind was the overwhelming sense of exhaustion I felt while riding back to my pit area after the grueling 45-minute moto (race).
After sweating most of the moisture out of my body, and with my mouth as dry as the 150-degree desert sand, I couldn’t wait to dismount my bike, collapse into a lawn chair or fall to the ground just to get relief from the pain I had endured. When it was extremely hot someone usually poured cold water over my head while I continued resting to recover for the next moto of the day.

Getting tired and enduring the pain was part of the job, but doing what I could to recover for the next moto was extremely important. When a rider is tired or weary, the chances of making a mistake, crashing, and getting hurt are dramatically heightened.
As in a race, there are certain times in our spiritual lives when we can get tired and grow weary. It’s when we’re spiritually weak and weary that the enemy seems to have a field day with negative thoughts of unbelief, which can lead to feelings of despair.

When we’re spiritually weak we often find comfort in actions and attitudes that take us down a wrong path in life, which have no eternal value. We’ve all been down that road, but it’s time to turn around and take the path that honors God.  
When we are devoted to seeking His Kingdom purposes, we have the promise of security, and because of the Lord's faithfulness, He will show us what is happening in each circumstance we face.
On a certain day a few months ago I received many positive reports about how my ministry was impacting people across the country through my speaking engagements, e-mails, Facebook posts, as well as the many conversations I've had with various individuals. It almost seemed uncanny that so many reports came in one day, which was very encouraging. That day I felt awesome about how God was using me.
The very next day I awoke with feelings of doubt and uncertainty about God’s purpose for my life. The intense attack of negative thoughts, as well as the words of unbelief I’ve heard from others over the years, were very strong.
When I took time to pray for understanding, the realization quickly came to me what was happening. It was clearly an attack on my faith in God and His purpose for my life. Immediately I stood against the enemy in the power of Jesus Name and rested in the arms of our Redeemer. Within minutes, all the negative feelings changed to that sense of joy that Christ gives to those who call upon Him.
My friend, we’re in a fight for our very lives! Learning to discern the enemy’s lies, whether in our own minds or coming from the mouths of other people is a must. When we listen to unbelief, it brings exhaustion and weariness, which can silence our "words of faith" that we must speak in order to experience a life of victory.
Taking time to comfort ourselves through reading Scripture is so important, but then we must learn to mix what we read with faith, believing and speaking what He said about our future. Let this message encourage you to stand strong in His arms and speaking what He says about you.

In Christ: You are a saint declared righteous by God, You’re identity comes not from what you’ve done, but what Christ has done for you, You are a conqueror, You can do all things through Him who loves you. Stand strong and be encouraged my friend, You are His creation!

 As I close out this letter, I sense a strong desire to give a word of encouragement to someone who has been going through an extended time of sickness. My friend, God knows and understands your pain, but He isn't going to be moved by murmuring or complaining. He’s moved by faith-filled words that come from a heart of strength. Continue pressing into the things that are written in this letter and cast off unbelieving thoughts and feelings. I stand with you in agreement for your healing and complete recovery in the mighty Name of Jesus!

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