Marquise Brown Womens Jersey  Is There Anything Too Hard for the Lord? (Gen. 18:14)


Is There Anything Too Hard for the Lord? (Gen. 18:14)

Here is our loving challenge. Think of the deepest, highest desire and longing of our heart, something foremost in our thoughts. Perhaps a desire for ourselves or someone else, which has been unfulfilled, something we have looked upon as really lost.

That fulfilled desire, if in line with God’s Word (Bible) is what waits for us, even if we feel it’s utterly impossible. Sometimes we can only laugh at the absurdity of supposing it could ever come to pass. That desire is what God intends to do for us, if we can only learn to get ourselves out of the way and let Him do it.

“Is there anything too hard for the Lord?”

No, not when we believe in Him enough to forget the things which are behind and go forward to fulfill His purpose. We must let Him do the impossible for us. Many of the great Bible Hero’s would have blocked God’s plan if they continued to disbelieve. It took time for them to mature and come to a place of total faith and trust, just as it is for us.

The only thing too hard for our Heavenly Father is deliberate continued disbelief in His love and power that was given through His Son.

Though we fail at times, nothing can stop His plans when we press forward with a heart desire to honor His Name!

No sin, no failure, no mistake can thwart the plan He has, if we will only press forward and believe. People will scoff, criticize and question, but that was and always will be the case. Only believe my friend and let us obey what we know is the right thing to do!

Nothing is too hard for our Lord, for those who trust Him. Call upon the Name of Jesus today my friend.

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