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Honoring Lynn Nickerson

I am sure many of you heard that a great friend of the motocross family went home to be with the Lord.

LynnNickersonLynn Nickerson passed last Friday morning in the comfort of his home. Lynn was a great announcer, but was known by everyone for his kindness and concern for those around him. He would always ask how someone else was doing and went out of his way to comfort others.

Please pray for the family, especially his son, Lynn Jr.

Lynn will be greatly missed by all of us — God Speed Lynn!

Tony Miller is organizing a time to honor Lynn's life at his Freestone National this weekend.

If you’re attending Freestone National weekend, this is an invitation for our services. Join us as we worship our Lord and receive a message of hope from His Word. We want to honor Him in all we do!

Service dates and times:

National Service:

Date: Saturday 28th

Time: 8:00am

Location: Championship Ministry Tent — On Vendor row South

Vintage service:

Date: Sunday 29th

Time: 7:30am

Location: The Pavillion — Vendor row North behind scoring Tower

TakeMetoLunchDonateUpFor just the small amount (each month) of a lunch, you can become a co-worker with me taking this message of hope to those in need. Click on the plate and Take me to Lunch!

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