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What Do Golf and Motocross Have in Common?

BubbaWatsonBeing a professional motorcycle racer in my younger years, I've experienced the excitement of world-class competition. I've also been fortunate to sense the overwhelming joy of winning an event after a long hard fought duel with one of my competitors. These days I enjoy watching the riders compete, but more importantly, hearing about their life's stories and the influential people that helped them along the way.

There are just a few sports I enjoy which don't involve a motor, and golf happens to be one of the sports I watch, as well as play.

After the exciting finish of The Masters golf tournament, I watched the interview with the winner Bubba Watson. With all the pomp, ceremony, and a worldwide audience, it was very impressive how the young man unashamedly gave thanks and honor to his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

How refreshing it is to hear people like Bubba give the Lord the credit for their personal achievements. Whether in sports, business, or life, we should realize it is because of a divine plan we are who we are. When we acknowledge Him in our ways, we can be assured our lives will turn out on a good note. Whether we've just achieved a victory, or if a challenge confronts us, we need to stand by faith and believe that all things will work out for our good because we love Him.

steveandtreyIn the sport of motocross we have some of these same young men that are unashamed of their Lord. I am honored to say I know one of these fine young men and periodically communicate with him. While talking with Trey last week I told him how encouraging it was to hear the way he gives thanks to the Lord, whether winning or while enduring hardship.

The LORD says, "I will rescue those who love me. I will protect those who trust in my Name." —  Ps. 91:14

Many people believe that there is a higher power or Creator, but it's mandatory that we know His name in order to receive full access into the will God has for our lives.

All through Scripture we read about the power and majesty of His name. For example, we are told in Philippians that the name of Jesus is above every other name. In the book of Acts, we read that there is no other name [Jesus] given to men whereby they can be saved.

For "Anyone who calls on the Name of the LORD will be saved."
— Rom. 10:13

There is much to study in Scripture about His name, but it's not just some words on a page. His name has power to change one's life, and to bring deliverance and freedom. Calling upon His name and honoring His name are experiences like no other; they both have temporal as well as eternal rewards.

I encourage you to call upon the name of Jesus today my friend. Ask Him to save you, to heal you, and to bless you. I promise, He will forgive and save you today and, in due time, He will turn any and all hindering circumstances around in your favor!

I preached a message Sunday morning at Diamond Don’s MX Vintage National on the “Importance of Knowing God’s Name.” We will have it posted up on my site soon.

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