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Your Life Is Special!

StevePreachingtoCrowdinBleachersWhat exciting time we’re living in. I hope you realize how important and how special your life is. The ultimate price has already been paid, which allows for us to be adopted into a new family. When we ask Jesus Christ into our lives and confess with our mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” we immediately have a new Father, a new Big Brother, a new Spirit, and many other fellow siblings.

The cares of this world and religious tradition try keeping us blinded to the fact of how special our life is. When someone comes to Jesus, they are immediately adopted into this new family of God, becoming partakers of His divine nature.

These are the promises that enable you to share His divine nature,… — II Peter 1:4

There is some very serious and deep understanding needed here! But when we realize what it truly means to partake of His divine nature it makes one shout for joy. Through Jesus Christ we have become adopted sons of God, sharing His divine nature. This gives us the ability to reign in life with power and authority over all the powers of the evil one.

The abundance of His divine kingdom is inside all who call Jesus Christ Lord. We’re encouraged to seek first the kingdom, and follow after His righteousness, peace and joy. This is when the divine nature within flows out, and becomes reality in our circumstances. God will not only take care of what is troubling the believer, but will also add blessings to benefit our lives.

Be reminded, your life is special to God. He is the Author of the plan to give us His divine nature and it’s important for us to seek that out. But my friend, He’s seeking you harder than you’re seeking after Him. He desires for you to find it more than you desire it. He’s a patient Father looking for His kids. Are you one of them? I hope so and if not you can be!

Call upon the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved today. Ask Him to give you wisdom and understanding of this divine nature you are entitled to in His family. Seek out a church and ministries that teach who you are in Christ and what this new family is all about.

If I can help you in any way, feel free to contact me from the information on my web site.

I’m planning to be at the AHRMA Vintage MX event at the end of this month in Virginia, where I hope to see many of you.

Watch the short trailer of the message I shared at Diamond Don’s Vintage National below. The full 20 minute message and others are also available.

I am so thankful to those are financially supporting this ministry. You’re continually in my prayers!

TakeMetoLunchDonateUpFor just the small amount (each month) of a lunch, you can become a co-worker with me taking this message of hope to those in need. Click on the plate and "Take Me To Lunch"

Thank you so much!
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