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Freestone MX National Weekend

The Freestone MX National weekend was awesome. I hope you were able to attend or catch it on the tube.

God is Near!

I hope you're encouraged to know that God is near, so near to you. He's not some far away God who doesn't care for humankind and He's made a way for us to know Him.

God’s Grace!

Throughout this year God has strengthened and stirred my spirit, which has encouraged confidence and boldness in my calling. He's also given me a good understanding of His heart toward this generation.

Goodwill Toward Men!


“Glory to God in the highest, And on earth peace, goodwill toward men.” (Luke 2:14)

When these words were first spoken, the earth was not peaceful, nor was there goodwill among men. In our day the earth is experiencing certain upheavals and turmoil that hinder peace as well. God is not pleased with the wickedness and unrest that permeates the earth, but He has provided a way out for all those who would call upon Him to experience a peace that only He can offer.

Honoring Lynn Nickerson

I am sure many of you heard that a great friend of the motocross family went home to be with the Lord.

LynnNickersonLynn Nickerson passed last Friday morning in the comfort of his home. Lynn was a great announcer, but was known by everyone for his kindness and concern for those around him. He would always ask how someone else was doing and went out of his way to comfort others.

Please pray for the family, especially his son, Lynn Jr.

Lynn will be greatly missed by all of us — God Speed Lynn!

Is There Anything Too Hard for the Lord? (Gen. 18:14)

Here is our loving challenge. Think of the deepest, highest desire and longing of our heart, something foremost in our thoughts. Perhaps a desire for ourselves or someone else, which has been unfulfilled, something we have looked upon as really lost.

Motocross des Nations and the Greatest Champion of All!

TheChampandSteveI invite you to check out my newly revised web site where you’ll find new articles and Videos of yester year.

Check out the 1981 Unadilla 250 World Championship GP where Bob Hannah and myself had a knock down race in New York and don’t miss the New Orleans SX where the “Jammer” Jimmy Weinert and I went to battle in the Superdome.

Not Your Love, But His

It's been a busy few months for me, as I've been all over North Texas, Houston and back. In all the places I've been, we've had good services. While in Jefferson, Texas for the Route 49 Biker Rally the Lord did a miracle in protecting us during the service. One hour after we all left the large tent we were in collapsed to the ground.

Pressing On!

N40ridersmeeting2011With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year celebrations just around the corner; and, with 2011 winding down, I hope you’re looking forward to this special time.

Since my last Email Blast I’ve traveled to St. Louis, San Diego, Dallas, and a few places locally, sharing the Gospel message.

Redeeming the Time

SteveWise2The first part of the year was very busy, and there were many opportunities to share the Gospel message at MX tracks and various events. Things slowed down through the hot summer months, which has provided me time to deal with certain issues and spend many quality hours seeking God for wisdom.

Seeing the Unseen

Time is flying by as we're already halfway through this year, and it's been a busy time for me traveling to share God's Word. I'm planning to be in Ohio and West Virginia in the next months speaking at the AHMRA Vintage MX events and possibly other services. I'm hoping to meet many new people.

Steve Looks Dazed After a Moto

stevewiseexhaustedWhen I first viewed this picture Tom Mueller posted on his web site (published articles), the thought that came to mind was the overwhelming sense of exhaustion I felt while riding back to my pit area after the grueling 45-minute moto (race).
After sweating most of the moisture out of my body, and with my mouth as dry as the 150-degree desert sand, I couldn’t wait to dismount my bike, collapse into a lawn chair or fall to the ground just to get relief from the pain I had endured. When it was extremely hot someone usually poured cold water over my head while I continued resting to recover for the next moto of the day.


Thanksgiving: to express gratitude. Gratitude: the quality of being thankful, or a readiness to show appreciation, and to return kindness.

I love the phrase, the “attitude of gratitude.” And as we approach the holiday season, I'm reminded that the “attitude of gratitude” is really at the heart of Thanksgiving.

The Blessings of Thanksgiving

Greetings to you during this most wonderful time of the year!

For some, like myself, 2012 has been a challenging year with obstacles to overcome, but it's all good my friend — it's all good.

Any hardship or trial we face is only temporary and is being used to work a far greater weight of glory for our lives. Though we have things that burden us from time to time, it's important not to focus our energy on them, but rather to find good in every situation.

The Gospel (The Good News)

View the two minute trailer below or click HERE to view the entire message.

While spending some quiet time, I was reminded of a scripture, and the following message was burned in my heart. I have been on this path for a while now, and my prayer is that you’ll be blessed and encouraged by these words. By reading this short message, I believe you will know for sure what path you’re on and what the outcome of your life will be.

The Password

ThanksgivingI hope you're enjoying this most wonderful time of the year and that you had a great Thanksgiving. The last few months have been busy for me traveling throughout the north Texas area preaching the Good News. A special "Thank you" to those of you who support this ministry."

This Treasure in Earthen Vessels

claypotThe Christian life is not always a life of clear sailing. Every believer will have bad days once in a while, no matter how righteous they may be. Most Christians understand that Jesus isn't just: "a good times only Savior." He is with us when things are going great, and He is with us during our bad days as well. When hard times hit, He doesn't disappear saying, "I'll only come back when you get it all right and completely worked out." Though challenged by various trials, one must believe that God is faithful and will be with us through every season of life.

Waiting on the Lord

Abraham, after he had patiently endured, he obtained the promise. (Heb. 6:15)

WaitingThe Bible story about the life of Abraham has an important lesson for us today. Our culture is a want it NOW, but that's not the way God usually operates in our lives. His ways are higher than our ways, we must learn patience and obedience through our lives to receive His promises.

Welcome Back Trey Canard

TreyRacingAfter texting Trey to congratulate him on his incredible showing at A-1, he responded with, “Steve, I'm just grateful to be out there and in all this I hope that God is glorified.” What an incredible young man!

Anyone who follows Supercross racing knows the story of Trey Canard and what a story it is. In January 2012 he broke his back during the main event at the Los Angeles Dodger Stadium SX. It was a life threatening crash when another rider flying through the air landed on his back. Few if any believed he would return to racing again, but on January 5, 2013, he did return and boy what a return it was. Finishing a strong 2nd in the A-1 SX was something no one would have imagined, except Trey.

What Do Golf and Motocross Have in Common?

BubbaWatsonBeing a professional motorcycle racer in my younger years, I've experienced the excitement of world-class competition. I've also been fortunate to sense the overwhelming joy of winning an event after a long hard fought duel with one of my competitors. These days I enjoy watching the riders compete, but more importantly, hearing about their life's stories and the influential people that helped them along the way.

You Are Loved By God!

motocrossraceDo you know that God the Father loves you exactly the same as He loves Jesus Christ the Son?

From my Christian experience, I believe the root cause of all our spiritual weakness and problems come from not correctly understanding God, as a Loving Father. When this is lacking, it affects every area of our life. Some years ago I went through my own major challenges and changes which were very difficult. As I look back, it's easy for me to see that some of my problem was not understanding this most important life changing revelation, but certain things had to happen for me to be able to see this clearly, which I'm now thankful for. My desire is to help others miss the damaging affects of not knowing the intimacy of the Father's love.

Your Life Is Special!

StevePreachingtoCrowdinBleachersWhat exciting time we’re living in. I hope you realize how important and how special your life is. The ultimate price has already been paid, which allows for us to be adopted into a new family. When we ask Jesus Christ into our lives and confess with our mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” we immediately have a new Father, a new Big Brother, a new Spirit, and many other fellow siblings.

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