Immanuel—God With Us

Manger"The virgin shall be with child, and they shall call His name Immanuel," which is translated, "God with us."

Immanuel is one of the prophetic Messianic titles, which was to be given to the Savior. It's derived from Isaiah 7:14 and in chapter 9, Isaiah writes, For unto us a child is born, Unto us a Son is given; then he goes on to write many other titles for the coming Messiah, in which Jesus Christ fulfilled all during His life on the earth.

I've spent much time this December in quite contemplation and study. This especially; the Holy Spirit has been pinpointing to me, "God is with us."

It's sobering to read historical accounts of the Apostles and early Believers or even now the precious Christians in the Middle East, giving their lives, because of their Faith in Jesus!

We in America (for now anyway) have some, but few such challenges. It's not very popular to say, but it's coming to America fast and we must know that we know, "God is with us." My friend, whether we live or die, we're the Lords!

SteveWiseHelmetI walk around the house all the time saying, I thank You Lord; You've forgiven me, You're in me, You're with me, You're all around me and You love me!

Try it my friend: begin to say, The Lord has forgiven me, The Lord is in me, The Lord is with me, The Lord is all around me, and The Lord loves me!

As I do, you'll sense a big change, because His Spirit inhabits praise and honor to His Name, but just as important it strengthen us. When we begin talking about Jesus and all that He fulfilled, His presence fills the room and victorious Faith arises!

No matter how rough or smooth your road may be during this season, Believe; "He is there, with you at all times."

Jesus is Lord -- Merry Christmas!

Steve Wise

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