Diamond Don’s Vintage National MX Race

What a time we had at the annual event, Diamond Don’s Vintage National MX race in the Historic town of Jefferson, Texas. Great fun, great food and great people!

I (raced) or let me say, rode around for the first time in many years, but could only go hard about 1 lap before completely tiring out. My speed is still way beyond my conditioning at the present.

A special thanks goes to Randy Woodall for loaning me his beautiful 1974 CR 250 Elsinore to race the over 50 Expert class. Though I didn’t go fast, I looked pretty, thanks to FLY gear & Scott goggles. If you’ve never been to Diamond Don’s Vintage race, you should go next year. What a hoot of a time!

Our Sunday morning service was more rewarding than anything I accomplished for the weekend. Roy Jenkins lead us in a few songs before I went up to share what God laid on my heart. The anointing and ability God is blessing me with of late is thrilling. His love and glory have grown exponentially in my life and consequently I’m able to confidently deliver that same passion and heart to those who hear.

What a joy it was to interact with many who were touched by the message shared. One man said to me, “what you shared will change my life forever.” Another man told me he gave his heart to Christ last year at this service and God is drawing him into the ministry. I heard many other thrilling testimonials throughout the weekend, which proves to me, whatever labor and expense, it’s all worth it my friends!

Easter weekend I will be at Swan MX Raceway in Tyler Texas sharing the powerful name of our resurrected Savior to the riders and families. I want to thank my long time friend Trey Clingfost for this special invitation to come be a part of this special weekend!

As we think about what our Easter celebration truly represents the scripture in Rev. 1:18 comes to mind.

I am He who lives, and was dead, and behold, I am alive forevermore. Amen!

This is the foundation of Christian faith, that Jesus Christ conquered death and because He did, those who trust in Him will conquer death also. It is our simple faith in this fact that gives us who believe eternal life.

All the busyness and the cares of this world try pushing this truth to the side, but the fact is, He is alive right there where you are, right now. Call upon Him today. He is our Savior and friend!

I read a story about a minister, while preparing for his Easter sermon got so excited about the realization that His Lord is actually living and alive right now, that he started jumping up and running around his house shouting, JESUS is Alive at this moment, He is not the great I was, but the great I AM, He is not only a fact, but a Living FACT!

My friend, We are Champions because of Jesus! Let us realize this Easter season that our Savior is Alive!

Friends of this ministry, I’m asking you to help me with a small Monthly donation to continue taking the Good News to the World.

Steve Wise

Friends of this ministry, I’m asking you to help me with a small Monthly donation to continue taking the Good News to the World. Please go to my donation page for further information.

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