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Saturday, April 28, 2012
Steve Wise Looks Dazed After a Moto
By Tom Mueller


Here’s another example of how MX factory stars were coddled in the pits. Steve Wise looks to be drinking some apple juice and jug water.... budgets were through the roof and each top rider got everything they wanted... ya right.

National motos were great and after the race, walking the pits was even better. It looked more like a war zone that race facility.  Riders dropped to the ground where ever there was a spot of open grass, hopefully with a spot of shade off the rental car.

No, the bling bling props weren't there, but the racing was excellent, thanks to great guys like Steve.  Wise went on to an amazing dirt track and Superbike career with Honda and I was able to do a series of interviews with him during that period. He was a class act then, he's a class act now.  Great effort without the fringe distractions made boys grow into men.

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